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Who Are We?

A long cherished dream of IndoCanadian community became a reality on June 8th, 2002, when Riverside Funeral Home & Crematorium, a one of its kind facility in the North America began its operations.

The architecture & design of the building incorporates all -important features that go in making a most modern Funeral Home & Crematorium, which cater to the social and multicultural needs of the communities.

Riverside Funeral Home & Crematorium is operated by Five Rivers Community Services Society.

Building a project of such a magnitude by the Indo-Canadians is another milestone achieved by the hard working community in Canada. The community which first set foot on this land around a century back have made phenomenal achievements in less than a century. They have built large temples, where free kitchen runs 24 hours a day, built their schools, homes for senior, banks and now this large facility.

Our Facility Features

  • 4 ultra-modern crematories
  • 4 large chapels with seating capacity of 500 each
  • well-equipped embalming rooms with cooling facilities
  • casket selection room
  • large parking area
  • separate bathing rooms
  • largest facility of its kind in Canada, in a non-profit sector
  • Five service times available each day

At Riverside Funeral Home and Crematorium, we operate with Compassion, Dignity and Trust

British Columbia’s best managed Non-Profit Funeral Home
Operated by Five Rivers Management Services Society

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