Multi-Faith Services

Serving all faiths, it is our purpose to provide thoughtful service to our families.

Many people desire to avoid the elaborate trappings of the conventional funeral. They may have experienced the pressure which results from feeling, in effect, that the amount of money they spend on a funeral is directly proportionate to the love and respect they have for a dear one.

They desire and prefer to take steps to relieve their families of the emotional and financial burden of completing complicated arrangements and making decisions regarding large amounts of money during an emotionally trying time.

In keeping with our concept of simplicity and dignity, offered is a choice of simple, direct cremation or a simple casket burial. Other services are available.

We recognize that religious beliefs and practices are tightly interwoven with cultural contexts and are an integral part of our services. Religious faith can be a channel for the healing, guiding, and reconciling power that is necessary in the grieving process. We support a multi-faith environment and are guided by policies ensuring that all peoples’ right to practise his or her own religion is not violated.

At Riverside Funeral Home and Crematorium, we operate with Compassion, Dignity and Trust

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