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    Please be advised.

    COVID-19  Safety and Compliance

    Your safety is our primary objective. Anyone exhibiting flu-like symptoms, recently entered Canada, or required to self-isolate, is asked to stay home. Should you require services we will make the best effort to accommodate you online or by phone.  Please be aware of the following:

    Entry is by appointment only.

    Masks are mandatory inside the facility.

    Hand Sanitization required upon entry.

    Please maintain all social distancing guidelines, inside and outside of the funeral home.  Maintain a 2 meter distance between all participants unless from the same household.

    Please advise family and guests that they cannot gather in the lobby before or after the funeral service (Participants must leave immediately after an event)

    Funeral Arrangements are by appointment only and limited to 2 people.

    Wash and Dress limited to 15 people.

    Attendance at funerals is limited to 150 people and this includes clergy person, 2 staff members and any additional vendors (slideshow tech, or live-streaming tech)

    Please arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before your funeral. Please do not gather outside of the funeral home or inside of the lobby, we ask that you go inside the chapel upon entry.

    All high touch surfaces and public areas are cleaned and sanitized between appointments and events.


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    Rana, Pritam Kaur

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